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Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar.

Holiday Data Service, Stocks Trading Calendar, Trading Hours Report - Samples

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The following premium services are available with your Holiday Data Service® subscription.

Copp Clark is the authoritative source for information on holiday observances affecting world financial markets.
Our holiday reference data services are trusted and recognized globally as the market standard.

Trading Hours Report Sample

Trading Hours Report®

Trading Hours Report® provides confirmed electronic on-order-book trading hours for major global markets. Subscribers receive reliable data from the authoritative source for standard products and their exceptions. Updates are delivered monthly and include separate change reports for cash markets and derivatives. Email alerts are sent when significant changes occur between updates. Annual schedules for updates are delivered each November.

Trading Hours Report® also includes detailed guidelines to report fields and mapping for standard products. (Available in csv or xls formats.)

Stocks Trading Calendar Sample

Stocks Trading Calendar

Stocks Trading Calendar provides two years of core trading hours for the main stocks traded on major markets. Includes the day-by-day trading status for each market, specifying weekends, holidays, half-days, and business days.

Trading hours are reported from opening call to closing call in local time. Updates to trading hours are delivered with Copp Clark’s market holidays updates.

Stocks Trading Calendar is included with your subscription to Trading Hours Report®. (Available in csv or xls formats.)

Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar Sample

Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar

Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar provides valid trade dates and corresponding settlement dates for world stock exchanges. Data is based on current Tplus settlement rules for regular equity trades, as provided by each exchange.

Updated calendar files are delivered whenever there are changes to holidays
and/or Tplus rules. (Available in csv or xls formats.)

FX Spot Calendar Sample

FX Spot Calendar

FX Spot Calendar provides valid settlement (value) days for any trade date for specified currency pairs. Users can select any currency pair and Tplus convention
(T+1, T+2, etc.) as well as the ability to specify whether settlement is allowed on
US holidays.

Includes monthly forward FX dates for one year forward (determined in accordance with accepted international dealing ‘modified following’ protocol). Updated calendars are delivered whenever there are changes to holidays.

(Available in csv or xls formats.)

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